Changing the standard of care in blood cancer treatment with continuous delivery technology.

Starton is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on transforming standard of care therapeutics.  Starton uses proven technology with proprietary drivers to obtain new indications or develop on-label superiority with a focus on hematology and oncology.

Message from Co-Founder and CEO

“From my 31-year career in large pharma, I dealt with the risk, cost, and time associated with the development of science and new medicines. Initiatives to address these inefficiencies were met with limited success. 

When I saw Starton’s technology, I recognized the opportunity to transform established medicines to address unmet needs and develop new IP quickly, with limited capital intensity.

As we executed our strategy, we have exceeded our expectations and focused the platform where the potential benefit of continuous delivery technology is maximized.

Over the next three years, we expect to advance our blockbuster development programs in hematological malignancies and bring our first commercial product to patients. We are on track to extend and improve quality of life.”

Pedro Lichtinger, Co-Founder, Chairman, & CEO
President & CEO, Asterias Biotherapeutics and Optimer Pharmaceuticals (2010-2016)
President of Global Primary Care and President of Europe, Pfizer (1997-2009)

Continuous delivery platform, developing new indications of approved blockbuster drugs.

  • Platform technology allows for lower AUC, Cmax, and overall drug exposure 
  • Potential for improved efficacy and tolerability, enabled pursuit of new indications and superiority

Starton uses continuous delivery technology to deliver approved active ingredients. We have unique capabilities in the development of drug in adhesive matrix transdermal delivery systems (TDS), and have a continuous subcutaneous (SC) program in development. The goal of our development programs is to reduce the area under the curve (AUC) and maximum plasma concentration (Cmax) of a drug to improve tolerability, and avoid periods of subtherapeutic dosing due to a short elimination half-life (T1/2).

With each program, we establish an AUC target to identify the blood level (mcg/L) point estimate with oral administration where half of the dose interval is above the point estimate and half of the dose interval is below the point estimate. Using this mid-point method, the total AUC is lower than that observed with oral daily dosing which may reduce the toxicity observed with a higher AUC while maintaining efficacy.

Our approach

Developed Proprietary Algorithm

  • Screened universe of ~88k small molecules
  • Prioritized opportunity for patient outcome improvement, with an initial focus on new indications
  • Technological fit with Starton continuous delivery technology
  • Freedom to operate and path for IP protection

Reimagine Potential to Improve Outcomes

  • Conduct disease model studies to target improvements
  • Develop new dose regimens
  • Define optimal target to deliver superior outcomes or obtain a new indication vs innovator
  • Improve efficacy and/or reduce toxicities

Execute on Strategy

  • Built team with breadth of clinical, operational, and financial experience
  • High caliber management team, advisory network, and Board of Directors
  • History of milestone achievement across programs and in business development

The company reformulates existing medicines that are well characterized and have a long and robust clinical history. As result, Starton will be able to leverage the 505(b)2 regulatory path, enabling lower risk, a shortened development timeline, and significantly reduced financial investment.