Improving medicines with transdermal technology

Starton is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on transforming standard of care therapeutics.  Starton uses proven transdermal technology with proprietary drivers to obtain new indications or develop on-label superiority with a focus on hematology and oncology.

Our approach

Identify Blockbuster Candidates

  • Screened universe of ~88k small molecules, 5 active ingredients prioritized for transdermal delivery*
  • Opportunity for patient outcome improvement by addressing unmet need
  • Technological fit with transdermal technology
  • Freedom to operate and path for IP protection

Reimagine Potential to Improve Outcomes

  • Conduct disease model studies to target improvements
  • Develop new dose regimens
  • Define optimal target to deliver superior outcomes or obtain a new indication vs innovator
  • Improve efficacy and/or reduce toxicities

Execute on Strategy

  • Built team with experience in preclinical and clinical development, and transdermal product development
  • High caliber management team, advisory network, and Board of Directors
  • Continue to attract top-tier collaborators and meet milestone

The company reformulates existing medicines that are well characterized and have a long and robust medical history. As result, Starton will be able to leverage the 505(b)2 regulatory path, enabling lower risk, a shortened development timeline, and significantly reduced financial investment.